it seems that people are content to point their fingers and place the blame on everything and everyone but where it actually belongs: on us. no one is free from fault. our society is in the poor condition that it is not because it changed itself, but because we've made it this way, either by action or inaction. the disagreeable material on television is there because people either wanted it there, or did nothing (or not enough) to stop it, for example. the parent who lets their child watch any TV shows they want, lets them watch which ever movies they wish, play whatever games they wish, listen to whatever music they want to - all unsupervised, has no right to blame those sources for whatever damage they feel has occured upon their child as a result. they're the parent - they're the boss - they have responsiblities to the child and if they neglect them, they are to blame.  (there are, of course, exceptions as there is to anything, but that has little importance in this message).

though it may sound like it, i'm not trying to accuse everyone of wrong doing. there are people who spend their entire lives trying to make a difference, and certainly some do. i just find it almost disgusting, the attitudes that some people have taken on this issue (and issues like it). there are some people use a terrible situation like these shootings as an opportunity to feel better about themselves - it seems like a total double standard, or hypocrisy.