So Anyway, I'm sitting Here Reading About How This Whole Thing And The Ideas Of How It Happened Because Of How Marylin Mansons Lyrics Caused This, The Parents Didn't Watch Over Them, They Saw Too Much Violence On TV And In Video Games, And The Biggest Piece Of BS: They Wouldn't Have Been Able To Do This If It Wasn't For The EVIL INTERNET. Ok...Lets Start Out With Marylin Manson: Now I Agree His Lyrics Are A Little Out There...But To Pick Him Out As Being Any Worse Then Some Of The Other Performers Out There That Talk About How They Raped This Girl, Killing That Cop, Beating This Enemy With A Bat...What? It's Ok To Be Violent...Just As Long As You Don't Say Anything Against God???? And This Just Roles Into The Parents Didn't Watch Over Them...I'm Sorry, But My Parents(And Those Of My Friends) Never Said Anything More Then "Turn That Noise Down" And "Why Do You Listen To Such Garbage?" All They Heard Was Something That Sounded Different Then What They Had Grown Up With, And If You Ask A Grandparent About The Music Your Parents Listened To...They'll Tell You It Was Nothing But Noise And Garbage, Every Generation Has It's Own "Sound" And Just Because The Music Of Late Is Louder Or More Graphic Then What We're Used To Doesn't Mean It's Evil And Turning Children Into Murdering Psychopaths, If That Were True, I Think The Nation Would Be In A Constant State Of Mourning For Our Dead. As For The Making Of Bombs In The Garage And Having Weapons And Ammunition Stored In The House, I'm Sorry, I Know How To Make A Pipe Bomb...And It Doesn't Take All That Long And It's Not Very Big. Also, How Many People Did Things That Their Parents Never Knew About? Kids Will Always Find A Way To Hide Things From Their Parents...This Was Just Hiding Things To The Extreme, And I Don't Feel It's Right To Blame The Parents For Not Being Able To Watch Their Children 24/7 Or Not Searching Their Rooms On A Daily Basis. As For This Whole TV Violence Thing...C'mon...Violence Has Been Glorified As Long As There's Been A TV Show To Watch, If You Look At Shows Through The Years, The Majority Of Them Were Violent(Miami Vice, Rawhide, The Lone Ranger, The Three Stooges, Bonanza, Hill Street Blues, Mash, Heart To Heart, Dallas, The Cisco Kid, Hunter, Charlies Angels, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Dukes Of Hazzard), I Tried To Point Out Shows From The Past Three Or Four Decades...If You Think About It, These Shows All Glorified Death Or Destruction In One Way Or Another And The Only Reason They Were Any Less Graphic Then Television Shows Today Is Because The Technology Wasn't There. As For Video Games Causing This: Please....There's Millions Of People Playing These Games On A Daily Basis Without Incident. Also, There's Just As Many People(If Not More) Playing Much More Graphic And Violent Video Games Around The World...No One Seems To Point Out That The Biggest Selling Games Are Not Sold In The United States Because They're Deemed Too Violent For Our Culture To Accept(Nice To Know The World Is Baby Sitting Our Nations Populace). Now For My Last Thought...And The One That Upsets Me The Most...The Internet Caused This: Ok...Lets Start With My First Response, Do People Think All This Information Just Popped Up Outta Nowhere? There Were Books On How To Build Bombs, Make Weapons From Household Items, And Cause General Destruction Long Before The Internet Was Ever Around...I Agree It's Easier Now To Find Some Of This Information But...For Anyone That Really Wanted It...If It Wasn't Here, They'd Find It Somewhere Else(Like The Local Library...Check It Out Sometime. It's Not That Hard And Doesn't Take That Much Effort...I Speak From Experiance...And I'm Naturally Lazy...If I Could Find This Information Without The Help Of The Internet...Anyone Can. Ok, With All That Said, I'll Give You My Feelings About What Caused All This To Happen: Nothing Caused It, Some People Are Just "Not Right" In The Head And There's Nothing You Can Do To Foresee It Or Stop It, Out Of All The "Psychopaths" That Have Been "Studied"(Gacy, Dahmer, Speck, Manson[Charles...Not Marylin] To Name A Few], There's Only One Thing That Ties Them All Together...They Have NOTHING In Common...They Were Just People That Were "Not Right" In The Head And Noone Could Have Stopped Them Or Known What They Were Capable Of Doing. Thanks To Everyone That Took The Time To Read All This,