bright, orange light lays
like staves as leafy fingers
grasp through pools of night


Hey, I've got a word for you...
I'll say it softly, beneath my breath -
head askew, back turned to you,
while emotions of the moment tempt what's left.

I don't like the way you dress.
I'll throw stoney stares of scorn at you -
tactless jest designed to test
demeaning glances... ricocheting views change.

You act jacked and out of joint.
I'll save you from yourself with gestures -
finger pointing to anoint
mentoring attention... questing pressures change.

We seek to sound our allies.
I'll share my concerns with bigot friends -
you rally peers in follies
escalating friction... inflaming ends change.

Hey, I've got a word for you...
I'll shout out-loud casting change to fate -
words to stones to bullets spew,
while race, religion, and cultures emulate...