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We live in a world of violence. Everywhere we look, there is hate, crime, and discrimination. Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a world of peace, where each and every one of us would be accepted for who we are and not because of our skin color, religion, or beliefs? Where violence was simply something of the past? We can. But we need your help in doing so. The Internet Campaign Against Violence (iCAV) has many ways you can help. Take a look at http://icav.tripod.com. By simply reading what iCAV has to say, you are helping end violence by gaining knowledge. You can do great things by leading others to knowledge by simply placing a banner of your web page. It won't be difficult at all if we band together and work together. We can do this. Together. But it is your choice. You can live in a world of love, peace, and acceptance. Or, you can live in a world of hate, crime, and violence. And school shootings. It's your decision.

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