Lend Us A Hand:
We here are iCAV are always looking for individuals willing to help out the cause.  There are many ways that you can help out this organization.  The first would be to display the iCAV banner on your webpage.  This helps to spread our message of anti violence across the web, and helps this site generate most (if not all) of its visits.  If you feel that you would rather do something that will be displayed on this site, we are always taking and posting submissions on the "reader submissions" forum.  As always, you can correspond with other visitors on the message board or feel free to leave your thoughts in the guestbook.  Here is a list of some suggest topics or ideas that we are currently looking for:
  • How you stopped an act of violence / How to help prevent violent acts.
  • Email high traffic sites (such as your favorite gaming site, or online e-zine) and politely ask them to display the icav banner.
  • Create an animated banner (or graphic) that people can choose to display on their webpage. (less than 35k and 50 pixels high please)
If you are interested in doing any of these topics, or have an idea of your own then please contact me and we can discuss it!  xjaysonx@yahoo.com
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